From Granola to Gucci — ''If It Makes You Happy'' singer Crowe makes a fashion about-face

From Granola to Gucci

You can take the girl out of the Birkenstocks, but then again, maybe you should just resist the temptation. In the video for ”If It Makes You Happy,” Sheryl Crow, she of the come-hither hippie clothes and Botticelli curls, sports a Vivienne Westwood skirt, Prada boots, and hair limper than Alanis Morissette‘s. But with tepid sales for Sheryl Crow, her follow-up to the 6-million-selling Tuesday Night Music Club, could Crow’s granola-to-Gucci fashion upgrade be confusing fans? ”It was a very big departure. It would be like the Black Crowes‘ showing up in Versace,” says MTV’s senior wardrobe stylist, Jimmy Hanrahan. ”It’s cool and I think she can pull it off, but I wonder whether she’s comfortable in it.” Crow won’t comment, but her publicist says the change hasn’t been quite so abrupt. ”The transformation happened all along her tour last year,” says Diana Baron, A&M Records’ senior VP of publicity. ”At the end she was wearing Gucci. That was a year ago.” She adds: ”Our sales are fine. We never expected Sheryl Crow to sell a million in her first week.”

But hold on to your hip huggers. Crow’s about to fly off in yet another fashion direction. In an upcoming video for ”Every Day Is a Winding Road,” she’s wearing a vintage sweater, Mary Janes, and a plaid skirt. ”She looks very schoolgirlish and cute,” says Baron. ”It’s a swing back midway.” And perhaps not a moment too soon.