The top internet quotes from the week of December 6, 1996

”The biggest happiness [in my life] is when my mother gave me birth … the biggest disappointment is that I am 53 and look like 25.”
Julio Iglesias on America Online

”I love the Ab Roller. I actually have it at home. It doesn’t really [work] on me. My philosophy on exercise equipment is if I own it, it’s enough.”
Margaret Cho on Prodigy

”I have become a cautious fan of some of the metal guys, because I’ve recorded some of their music, and I’ve come to appreciate their musicianship and showmanship. I’m talking megastars like Eddie Van Halen. His records are very entertaining and very musically dynamic. I also like Alice Cooper, Metallica…”
Pat Boone on Prodigy

”I don’t have any nude pictures of myself or, frankly, anyone else. There is a picture in Entertainment Weekly 1995 where I did pose sort of, well, you know [nude]. I was in the middle of a large salad. Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, brussels sprouts, and asparagus. All placed in the proper places.”
Richard Simmons on AOL