'X-Files''s most-asked questions — Chris Carter talks about the show's bloopers, scripts, and more

We went behind the scenes to uncover the truth about unexplained phenomena.

What is the most-asked question about the show?
According to executive producer-creator Carter, ”Where do the stories come from?”

Where do the stories come from?
”Very little comes out of paranormal literature,” says Carter. ”A lot of it comes out of science journals like Scientific American” — or today’s headlines.

Is the show in danger of running out of horror prototypes
”We ran out of those a while ago,” says producer-writer Frank Spotnitz. ”What’s beautiful about The X-Files is that anything can be a monster.”

How long can Scully remain a skeptic?
”As long as she is a scientist,” says Carter. ”Science can explain everything eventually, and her skepticism has to be rooted in something. Without it, she’d seem foolish.”

What was the most expensive episode to shoot?
”Herrenvolk.” Although ”End Game,” for which a submarine was built, was the most ambitious.

What was the least expensive?
”Deep Throat.”

Why don’t the credits include episode titles?
The show planned to include them in the title sequence, but that seemed too like ’70s crime dramas. Now decoding titles is part of the fun; to get them, fans log onto the X-Files‘ Internet site. Some titles appear in the episode (like ”Piper Maru,” which was a salvage ship); other times, they don’t (like ”Oubliette,” or hidden place, which alluded to a kidnapping plot). But, insist the writers, it doesn’t matter if you never know the title.

We know Scully is Catholic. What religion is Mulder?
Duchovny says that until he hears otherwise, he’ll assume his character is Jewish. Until viewers see otherwise, the show won’t answer that question.

Why does Mulder insist on having confidential talks in his apartment, despite the possibility that the place is bugged?
Mulder sweeps his apartment between episodes.

Where is the coffee and doughnuts, staples of a good G-man’s diet?
”As soon as someone picks up a cup of coffee, they’re stopping to think,” says exec producer Howard Gordon. ”Mulder and Scully seldom stop to muse on anything.”

Why doesn’t the alien-killing spike kill the Bounty Hunter in ”Herrenvolk”?
In ”End Game,” the Samantha clone told Mulder that the injury to the neck must be precise. More about how aliens can — and can’t — be killed will be revealed in future episodes.

In ”Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man,” Cancer Man supposedly has his first cigarette following JFK’s assassination in 1963. Yet in ”Apocrypha,” he’s shown smoking in 1953. Is this a blooper?
The fact that Frohike’s narrative doesn’t coincide with the earlier episode leaves fans to ponder the accuracy of Frohike’s history.

What bloopers have aired?
Occasionally, details slip by that give away the city where the show is shot [Vancouver]. For example, in ”Blood,” which is set in Philadelphia, there’s a city bus with an ad for the University of British Columbia.

Who gets more fan mail, Anderson or Duchovny?
They get about the same amount. The real competition is between Piper, Anderson’s 2-year-old, and Blue, Duchovny’s dog. The edge goes to Piper, especially near her birthday (Sept. 25).

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