A closer look at agents Mulder and Scully

Agent: Fox Mulder

FULL NAME: Fox William Mulder (he even asks his parents to call him Mulder).
BORN: 10/13/61 in Chilmark, Mass.
PARENTS: Father, William, an ex-State Department operative; mother’s name unknown.
SIBLINGS: Younger, Stratego-loving sister Samantha, who was abducted on Nov. 27, 1973.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Red-green color-blind; strangely morphing hair.
EDUCATION: Degree in psychology from Oxford.
RECRUITED BY FBI: In mid-’80s, entered Quantico FBI Training Academy; a whiz at capturing mass murderers (see his 1988 monograph ”On Serial Killers and the Occult”).
ASSIGNED TO X-FILES: In 1991, when he pestered the FBI into reopening them.
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Belief in unexplained phenomena has earned him the nickname Spooky; zealous and conspiracy obsessed; possesses a wry wit, but apparently no bed.
EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Porn magazines and adult videos appear to make up for a spare social life (he’s had sex once in three years, though he apparently enjoyed a romp on Arthur Conan Doyle’s grave while at Oxford); occasionally jogs, swims; kicks back by writing articles about UFOs for the science mag Omni under the pseudonym M. F. Luder (anagram for F. Mulder); eats a prodigious amount of sunflower seeds.
ATTRACTS: Vampires, paranoiacs.
FEARS: Fire, bugs.
TRUSTS: No one but Scully.

Agent: Dana Scully

FULL NAME: Dana Katherine Scully.
BORN: 2/23/64 in Anywhere, USA.
PARENTS: Father, William, retired Navy captain, now deceased; mother, Maggie.
SIBLINGS: Two brothers (William Jr., older; Charles, younger), who seem to have moved on to other series since the first season; older sister Melissa, also deceased.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Abduction scar at base of neck; strangely morphing hair color.
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in physics, University of Maryland (senior thesis: ”Einstein’s Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation”); subsequently earned a medical degree, with a residency in forensics.
RECRUITED BY FBI: In 1990 she began teaching forensic medicine at Quantico.
ASSIGNED TO X-FILES: March 6, 1992, to ”oversee” Spooky Mulder.
PERSONALITY TRAITS: No-nonsense, unflinching, and obsessively skeptical (despite having seen more aliens than Steven Spielberg, she still finds ways of explaining them away); walking encyclopedia of pathology; can toss around perps twice her size.
EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Enjoys slapping on the prophylactic (surgical gloves), cleaning her gun, and avoiding commitment (she’s been on exactly one date in over three years).
ATTRACTS: Conspiracy geeks (Frohike) and lab nerds (Pendrell).
FEARS: Girly clothing.
TRUSTS: No one but Mulder (and Mom).

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