Two or Three Things I Know About Her...

Released for the first time on video, Jean-Luc Godard’s essaylike Two or Three Things I Know About Her…, a film about a bourgeois woman (Vlady) who becomes a prostitute, is a compendium of the filmmaker’s obsessions (language, politics, feminism, and consumerism) in a scrambled narrative that would probably make equal sense if played backward. Unlike the drier Marxist experiments (like Letter to Jane or Wind From the East), the entertaining Two or Three Things achieves an audiovisual poetry that’s nicely showcased in the crisp wide-screen transfer. When the director’s stream-of-consciousness voice-over is accompanied by a gorgeous close-up of coffee, swirling in a cup like a universe being born, the effect is truly out of this world. B+

Two or Three Things I Know About Her...
  • Movie
  • 87 minutes