Notable mainly for the acting debut of notorious skater Harding, the tedious straight-to-tape Mob movie Breakaway sounds a lot funnier than it plays. Myra (the leggy Thompson) steals from her scuzzy boss (scenery-chomping Ray Dash), and he sends his hoods after her. Fleeing a scary hitman (Martin Sheen sibling Joe Estevez), Myra meets a hunky anthropologist (Tony Noakes) who develops an interest in the Mafia’s tribal customs. Harding, meanwhile, plays a blue-collar waitress tough enough to kickbox thugs down staircases — some stretch — when she’s not making a play for Myra’s boyfriend (Chris DeRose). Actually, Harding is no worse than her lame dialogue (”If I were money, where would I be?”), though she looks absolutely ludicrous in a Body Heat-esque ending. D

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