President's Letter — EW's crack investigative team created the ultimate guide to 'The X-Files'

Strange things have been happening at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY over the past couple of months. We’re talking odd, unexplained phenomena. Writers and editors have been disappearing from their offices, reemerging days later with an eerie, cryptic glow in their eyes. ”Watching 80 hours of X-Files episodes back-to-back tends to make you a bit paranoid,” explains Mary Kaye Schilling, the senior editor in charge of the special X-rated section in this week’s EW. ”You start seeing bottomless conspiracies everywhere you look. Everyone starts looking suspi … Wait! Who are you? Why are you asking these questions? Are you one of them?” Schilling, who oversees EW’s TV coverage, wasn’t the only one involved in Project X: She also abducted her brother, Andy, one of the world’s first X-Files fans, who worked with contributing writer Mike Flaherty in organizing, researching, and writing our episode reviews. Kudos also go to critic-at-large Ken Tucker, staff writer A.J. Jacobs, designer Michael Picón, photo editors Alice Babcock and Kristine Chin, and reporter Daneet Steffens. Not even Mulder and Scully could have done a better job.

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