”Unfortunately the [stand-up comics] that, to me, were cutting [edge] are gone. Bill Hicks. Sam Kinison. And there’s no one doing my kind of doper humor that I know of. Too many of these guys want sitcoms. To me, a sitcom is like a communicable disease. I wouldn’t wish it on my ex-partner!”
Tommy Chong on Prodigy

”I’ve played [a lot] of tortured teenagers. I can’t wait to shed that image. Let a few years go by until I hit my midlife crisis. Then that can be documented on film.”
Romeo and Juliet‘s Claire Danes on E!Online

”Jim [Carrey] worked really hard on In Living Color. He would spend the night there. He was really committed, you could see it in his eyes. He always wanted to be the center of attention, now he’s the center of the universe.”
Damon Wayans on Prodigy

”I wanted to be an actress and was serendipitously introduced to the broadcasting world. I will admit that my early opportunities were because my dad is Walter Mondale. And 14 short years later, I have achieved overnight success.”
E! correspondent Eleanor Mondale on AOL’s PlanetOut