Details, details. The graphically arresting, 23,000-title disc Blockbuster Entertainment Guide to Movies & Videos is full of data — reviews, bios, video clips — and comes loaded with a useful search feature to pinpoint movies that fulfill your desires. (Want an Oscar-winning murder story set in L.A.? Try Chinatown.) What saves it from being merely a guide to videos is its online hookup, whereby you can download new-movie info from Blockbuster’s website. But some woeful gaffes and gaps crop up, such as erroneous captions, hyperbolic prose (Douglas Fairbanks Sr. ”made swashbuckling like verse”), and questionable judgment (obscure filmmaker Jean-Marie Straub rates a bio; 1995 Best Supporting Actor Kevin Spacey does not). Details are important — and they keep this guide just short of authoritative. B+