The Psychotronic Video Guide

Bad taste finds a home in an updated edition of Michael J. Weldon’s The Psychotronic Video Guide, the essential guide to the best of the ”worst” horror, science fiction, fantasy, and exploitation films ever to grace a drive-in, grind house, or television screen. What films make the cut? Think Cul-De-Sac, Detour, or the remake of The Blob. Think Japanese soft porn, nudist-colony features, kickboxing and kung-fu blood-fests, women-in-prison films, ’70s black action flicks, and you’ve covered a good portion of the contents. Sidebars on B-movie fanzines, Jackie Chan, Charlie Chan, burlesque features, and the Bowery Boys series are scattered throughout the book’s 600-plus pages, as are numerous stills and movie-poster reproductions. Some might call these movies trash, but Weldon knows better. As he so eloquently states in one review — and this could easily apply to all the movies described here — ”Watch this after you get sick of It’s a Wonderful Life.” A

The Psychotronic Video Guide
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