By Melissa Pierson
Updated November 22, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s definitive proof that the movie musical isn’t dead, it’s just been updated. No longer does the narrative abruptly freeze while actors dance and sing — now it stops while they bump and grind. Of course, it’s simply coincidence that the main character of Striptease works as an exotic dancer and not, say, a forklift operator. I’m sure there would still be gratuitous scenes of elaborate choreography (and in the unrated version there’s even more), only they’d be of Demi Moore maneuvering heavy machinery as she seeks to make enough money to win custody of her daughter (real-life offspring Rumer Willis) and avoid the advances of a besotted congressman (an extreme Burt Reynolds). A cynic might also detect this intermittently funny comedy’s place in Moore’s master plan to ensure no American remains ignorant of how hard she works out. With the video release, saturation is reached. Demi, you can’t get more exposed. C+