'The Mirror Has Two Faces''s Premiere — The latest Barbra Streisand movie attracted Donna Karan, Robin Williams, and other stars to its opening

By Jessica Shaw
Updated November 22, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

When prima diva Barbra Streisand throws a party, her disciples come out to worship. On hand to sing praises at the Nov. 10 New York City premiere of The Mirror Has Two Faces were Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, Donna Karan, Robin Williams, and Rosie O’Donnell. Stage fright kept the camera-shy director from waiting in line for popcorn at the Ziegfeld theater, but not costar Lauren Bacall, who accepted a standing ovation — and a buttah-free bucket — with grace. ”I was shocked to hear everyone applauding,” said Bacall. ”I’m not comfortable with people thinking I’m gorgeous.” Later, at the Tavern on the Green reception, Hello, Gorgeous herself was so well guarded by boyfriend James Brolin that even cast members found themselves among the unluckiest people. Despite playing Streisand’s disgustingly beautiful sister, Mimi Rogers waited in line to pay her respects, but she remembered the way it was. ”It’s so funny to play a role where you get to boss around Barbra Streisand and Lauren Bacall,” said Rogers. ”That is so cool.” Many of Streisand’s admirers stayed in the background, observing the main event. ”Look at her — she has great legs, a great ass, beautiful skin,” fawned model Elle Macpherson, who has a small role in Mirror. Added rocker-cum-actor Jon Bon Jovi, who does not, ”I would have slept with her.”

The Mirror Has Two Faces

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