The top internet quotes from the week of November 22, 1996

By EW Staff
November 22, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

”I’ve done at least 50 commercials. These were the first jobs that got me out of waiting tables. For those long in the tooth, you may remember, Canada Dry, Excedrin, Hostess Twinkies, Levi’s, etc. When I did the Twinkies commercial, I ate less Twinkies than I spit into the bucket.”
Almost Perfect‘s Nancy Travis on Prodigy

”Billy has bagged Amanda several times now [on Melrose Place]. So Billy cannot be that pathetic. Although I realize the guy is a bit soft. I, Andrew, unfortunately do not write the scripts. So I am at the writers’ mercy. I just keep quiet, do my work, and get paid.”
Andrew Shue on America Online

”It was harder for me to watch [daughter Mira’s] career than mine. If you have children you will understand what I’m saying. Their misfortunes and roadblocks are double for a parent. I used to ask God to give me all the misfortune my children would suffer, feeling that I could take it better than they could. Frankly, it was a foolish notion, but I still feel that way.”
Paul Sorvino on Prodigy

”It’s not one of my main goals to have people think I’m smart … It’s really ignorant people who think that models are ignorant. A lot of models … didn’t go to college. So it is true that maybe we don’t all have B.A.’s or M.A.’s or M.D.’s or whatever.”
Supermodel Cindy Crawford on Entertainment Drive (

”Physically, my heart attack [in 1994] did very little to me. If anything it made me healthier. Mentally, I had to make many lifestyle adjustments.”
John Mellencamp on AOL

”I don’t know how I became the de facto celebrity spokesperson for all things wired. I think it may be that I’m one of the few people in show business who is not a Luddite. Show business is run by burnt-out hippies & religious freaks who think that Shirley MacLaine & Sting should have an opinion on science! … I don’t really know [much about technology], I just respect it.”
Penn Jillette on CompuServe

”I am not from my brother’s district, so I have never actually had to vote or not vote for him. But … I would find it very hard to vote for someone who didn’t even have the most basic understanding of the discrimination I face. It does bother me to think that my brother and other so called ‘family values’ supporters don’t value the families that we know as gay Americans. We know that families are made of love, and not just the genders of the people in the families.”
Candace Gingrich on AOL’s PlanetOut