Catching Up with Iggy Pop — The 'Nude & Rude' singer's music picks

By Tom Sinclair
Updated November 22, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Punk pioneer Iggy Pop isn’t too upset about the crossover success of the genre. In fact, he’s damn delighted that the triumph of bands like Green Day and Rancid has sparked so much interest in old-school punk — particularly his own, as chronicled on the new retrospective Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop. These days, though, Pop gets a bigger charge out of old blues or folk compilations than the latest Mohawked-and-tattooed sensations.

What’s ringing your chimes blues-wise?
The two guys I’m biggest on right now are from north Mississippi, R.L. Burnside and his neighbor Junior Kimbrough. R.L. did a thing with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion recently [A Ass Pocket of Whiskey], but his solo records are a f— of a lot better than that. I listen to him and Junior a lot. These guys are really, really beautiful — God, the music is good.

There’s a lot of stuff I listen to that everyone knows is good, like Beck, and for a totally different reason, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Oh, and there’s a really good record by a guy named Money Mark [Mark’s Keyboard Repair], that keyboard player for the Beastie Boys. Really cool. I’m listening to that one a lot. I tend to like sloppy, homemade little things like that.