By Ty Burr
Updated November 15, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Space Jam (, the promo site for the Bugs Bunny/ Michael Jordan movie (opening Nov. 15), is packed with even more goodies than previous Warner Bros. Online projects for Eraser and Twister. This time, though, the flava’s not quite there. True, these folks deliver on behind-the-scenes treats: animation sketches, essays on the evolution of animation, and way-cool QuickTime panoramas of the private sports complex built for Jordan’s use during the filming of Space Jam. The B-ball section also scores, what with career stats and links to the NBA and NCAA. But the soundtrack page is too shallow, the snarky wit that enlivens WBO’s other sites is largely absent, and the links to animation sites so studiously avoid mention of anything named Disney that this jam’s corporate allegiances may have you crying foul. B