'Blackadder''s Rowan Atkinson's latest TV role will become a movie next summer

By Jason Cochran
Updated November 15, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

His vow-garbling priest heisted scenes from better-known stammerer Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral. His Blackadder series was a cable cult hit. Now Rowan Atkinson storms Hollywood as British TV’s wildly destructive Mr. Bean. Part Charlie Chaplin, part Monsieur Hulot — who is this oaf of few words? ”My new theory,” says Richard Curtis, Four Weddings author and a Bean cowriter, ”is that [Bean] was abandoned at the age of six for being too annoying and had to bring himself up.” In Dr. Bean, due next summer, Bean wreaks his trademark havoc: igniting panic at LAX, rummaging through a gunshot victim in the ER, ravaging the lives of his hosts (Pamela Reed and Peter MacNicol), and obliterating a priceless painting. ”It’s an unpleasant family movie,” explains Curtis. ”I’m very pleased.”