The top internet quotes from the week of November 15, 1996

By EW Staff
Updated November 15, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

”The whole [public fascination with Brad Pitt] is silly. We can’t go to a mall, can’t go to any tourist sites. We go to restaurants and bookstores, walk around, ride our bikes in Manhattan, until someone goes, ‘Omigod — it’s Brad!’ Sometimes we go to a bar with friends, and then within minutes the bar owner is on the phone giving play-by-play reports. I don’t know if anyone’s gone through our garbage. Maybe they have. When Brad finished shooting 12 Monkeys, Bruce Willis gave him a paper shredder.”
Gwyneth Paltrow on E! Online

”I’d obviously like to meet [Bob Dylan], but so far the only time we’ve actually met was when I showed him the way to the toilet backstage at a concert in Spain. I suppose that could be called talking shop.”
The Kinks’ Ray Davies on CompuServe

”I’m always being told I’m cute, I’m handsome, I’m fun, I’m interesting — but I’m still single. I don’t think height has anything to do with it, except maybe that teddy-bear cuddle factor.”
Diff’rent StrokesGary Coleman on Prodigy

”I have no interest at all in doing a movie about O.J. Simpson. I’ve been asked that question many times.”
Spike Lee on America Online