By Melissa Pierson
Updated November 08, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s a sure sign an actress wants to be more than a pretty face when she takes a role in which her hairdresser makes it look like there was no hairdresser. As death row murderer Cindy Liggett in Last Dance, Stone leaves no doubt that she can act — she does an amazing portrayal of abject fear. Still, even with her mussed coif, there’s little she can do about viewers’ temptation to hit the pause button periodically just to gaze upon her beauty. If only she had a better costar — Morrow is unconvincing as a party-boy attorney transformed into clemency crusader — not to mention a better vehicle than this pallid Dead Woman Walking. Director Bruce Beresford builds a movie as if he were working with cinder block: The result is solid, but that’s all one can say for it. Sharon, we believe you. You’re a serious actress. Now, find a serious movie. C+