By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated November 08, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Power-yoga aficionado Woody Harrelson stars in Sunchaser as an affluent, complacent L.A. oncologist held hostage by a half-Navajo 16-year-old convicted killer called Blue (Jon Seda). So far, so good. Blue’s got inoperable cancer, and he forces the doc to drive him to a certain Arizona mountaintop so he can meet up with a medicine man who will show him where to jump into a magic lake and be freed from sickness. You’re following? Michael Cimino — a daredevil director for whom the tidy story is never worth shooting — pokes around interesting themes of mysticism, healthy (and unhealthy) lifestyles, bonds between men, and the joys of driving in the desert really recklessly but doesn’t know what to do with what he finds. Nothing jells. And the screenplay, by Charles Leavitt, is seriously earthbound. But at one point you do get to see Anne Bancroft, as a gray-haired New Age pilgrim in a wheezy van, who picks up the two seekers and quotes Edgar Cayce. Which is something you don’t hear First Wives doing. C