George Clooney vs. the Paparazzi — The 'ER' star takes on tabloid TV

By Jessica Shaw
Updated November 08, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

Hollywood hath no fury like George Clooney scorned. One-upping fellow paparazzi-phobes Alec Baldwin, Tommy Lee, and Madonna (who all chastised the tabs for trying to get pics of their offspring), the future Batman and Robin star last week declared that he’d no longer grin and bear the stalkerazzi. Enraged by intrusive video footage of him and his girlfriend, Celine Balidran, that ran on Hard Copy, Clooney fired off a letter to HC‘s sister show Entertainment Tonight, announcing plans to boycott the program and encourage his friends to do the same. Clooney’s missive is especially revealing: It’s evidence of his burgeoning star power, and also proof of how TV entertainment ”journalism” can be manipulated. In the letter, Clooney recounts a deal with Paramount TV Group exec Frank Kelly to cooperate with ET stories if HC agreed not to chase him — an agreement Clooney claims HC violated. Paramount is refusing to comment. A Clooney spokeswoman who gave EW the letter says his Bat lash has touched a nerve: ”Because of Madonna’s baby and now George, actors are joining the ranks. George has a lot of friends he’s speaking with. It’s truly a history-making move.”