Navigating Disney’s vast Florida theme-park properties via The Walt Disney World Explorer, which combines behind-the-scenes info about each ”attraction” (never ”ride”) with come-ons for Disney World hotels, recreation facilities, and stores, can be as aggravating as spending an overcrowded day on the actual premises. Want to see, for instance, Cinderella’s Castle? You’ve got two unsatisfactory choices: Either move your Tinkerbell cursor through a huge, slow-to-redraw cartoon map of the whole place till you find those familiar spires (at which point you click on the drawing to get a video about how it was built), or try calling up an alphabetical list by clicking on — what else? — Mickey Mouse ears. Trouble is, those ears don’t hear so well: It’s easy to select the wrong choice accidentally. Disney should hang a sign on this CD-ROM that says, ”This attraction closed for refurbishment.” C