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By EW Staff
Updated November 01, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST
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I’ve seen That Thing You Do! twice (#348, Oct. 11), and both times the audience was filled not with baby boomers like myself but with laughing, toe-tapping Gen-Xers. And they seemed to dig the movie as much as I did. I’d say the brilliant Tom Hanks has scored a direct hit with the slacker set. Then again, was there any doubt that he would?
Loraine Wingham
Nanaimo, British Columbia

After reading your News & Notes article about Kelsey Grammer’s recent brush with the law and subsequent trip to the Betty Ford Center, I felt compelled to thank both the writers of the article and the Frasier family at NBC. It was a relief to read an article that implied genuine concern for a man obviously fighting with past monsters.
Gloria Smith
Tovey, Ill.

You say Gene Hackman was paid like a doctor ($4 million) for the three weeks he played a neurologist in Extreme Measures. Many doctors earn $50,000 a year after years of medical school and years of postgraduate training. And a neurologist might earn $100,000 a year after eight years of postcollege training, working a 60-hour week. No, I’d say Mr. Hackman definitely gets paid like an actor.
L. Brumberg, M.D.
New York City

You can’t compare the likes of a younger actor with the likes of a vet (and unlike some people, I don’t mean ”old”). I’m 18, and I love watching performers of all ages. Look at Sean Connery — he’s a hottie. Then again, so is Brad Pitt. Same with, say, Gwyneth Paltrow and Susan Sarandon… they’re both beautiful. Soon even Gwyneth will be competing with someone younger. My point is society doesn’t give up on 40-plus actresses. Why should Hollywood?
Carrie Mills
Novato, Calif.

Your section ”Interactive Entertainment” was great! But you forgot to mention one tv channel that’s leading the pack: Showtime, which recently let viewers decide which film they wanted to see and to vote on the network’s Web page up to five minutes before the broadcast. Now, that’s interactive!
Brent Pearson
Madison, Wis.

We all like to try something new. So what’s wrong with a premier ballad singer like Karen Carpenter trying a format like disco? Also, we should remember her as a talented, vibrant, funny, attractive woman — not simply a singer who died from complications of anorexia.
Brian Mickelson

CORRECTIONS: In our cover story about That Thing You Do!, a quote about Tom Hanks (”He’s such a gracious guy, you’d never know that he doesn’t really want the f—ing chocolate”) was incorrectly attributed to actor Johnathon Schaech. In a photo of cast members of the Web soap East Village (”Interactive Entertainment”), actor Aron Michael was misidentified as Joseph Leary.

That Thing You Do!

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