From Shannen Doherty and Molly Ringwald to Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch, a look at celebrities who just can't get along


Don’t be distracted by the catfighting Montagues and Capulets when Romeo & Juliet hits theaters Nov. 1. Shakespeare’s feuding clans have got nothin’ on the real-life grudge matches being waged in Hollywood. Heck, there’s even trouble in the Magic Kingdom. It’s been widely reported that Disney chairman Michael Eisner and his No. 2 man, Michael Ovitz, are locking mouse ears over Ovitz’s role. It seems like the only thing missing from these star-powered brawls is The Family Feud‘s kissin’ quizmaster Richard Dawson. But since we didn’t want to mix love and war, we opted instead for a trio of non-amorous arbitrators: Nick at Nite’s therapist Dr. Will Miller, nationally syndicated radio psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, and the host of TV’s family-court show Judge Judy, Judy Sheindlin. And the survey says…

Brenda strikes again. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 diva has unleashed her legendary wrath on Ringwald, who recently moved into Doherty’s Hollywood Hills neighborhood. According to Ringwald, when she and her roommates introduced themselves to Doherty, Doherty shot back: ”I know who you are. You don’t live here, you rent!” Later, Doherty reportedly flipped out when her driveway was blocked by the cars of Ringwald’s guests. Says another neighbor, ”Shannen thinks she owns the street… she’s unfriendly and she likes to scream and yell.” Doherty would not comment. Survey says: ”Ringwald shouldn’t play into a catfight,” warns Kuriansky. ”She tried to be friendly, but [apparently] Shannen’s just like Brenda.” Isn’t there a soap in this?

As if recently comparing Fox chief Murdoch to ”the late Fuhrer” weren’t enough, Turner, vice chairman of the newly created Time Warner/Turner conglomerate (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY‘s parent company), recently escalated a long-standing rivalry by labeling Murdoch a ”scumbag” and ”a disgrace to journalism.” This current dispute centers on Murdoch’s new 24-hour Fox News Channel: Murdoch is peeved because Time Warner’s sprawling cable system, including its critical New York City franchise, is refusing to carry the fledgling network. Time Warner says there simply isn’t any space on its system. Murdoch has refused to comment, but last week the mogul’s New York Post asked, ”Is Ted Turner veering dangerously toward insanity… or has [he] come off the medication he takes to fight his manic depression?” The feud is being felt even on the diamond: Fox’s broadcast of the World Series has noticeably shunned the camera-friendly Turner, who owns the Atlanta Braves. Survey says: ”Even the huge, titanic egos that control the media industry can behave like 13-year-olds,” says Miller. ”They need to break the cycle and forgive.”

The operative word here is vengeance. Fishburne slapped Cinergi, the production company behind the 1995 action blockbuster, with a hefty $2 million-plus lawsuit claiming he was cheated out of the role that went to Samuel L. Jackson. Fishburne says that he was given a $1.75 million ”pay or play” deal (meaning he’d get a check even if the flick weren’t made) in 1994, but two months after sealing the deal verbally, Cinergi went with Jackson for less dough. Fishburne’s lawyers reportedly subpoenaed Vengeance star Bruce Willis, claiming Willis attended a meeting where Fishburne was offered the role. Cinergi would not comment. Survey says: ”A handshake is nice, but next time get it in writing,” advises Judge Judy. Adds Kuriansky: ”He may have been screwed, but that’s Hollywood. When you swim with sharks…”

Die Hard With a Vengeance

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