Building a Computer -- Philips Media's latest ''Cybercrafts'' installment gives budding engineers hands-on learning

By EW Staff
Updated November 01, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s probably as close as you want to get. Philips Media’s latest installment in its CyberCrafts series lets future Steve Jobses build their own computer — or at least simulate its most basic technology. With Digital Lab, young geeks in training can construct an ”electronic workbench” that will generate random numbers or run blinking lights in sequence. A companion CD-ROM provides detailed, step-by-step guidance through each of the 12 projects. Although the product is targeted at your 8-year-old-and-up computer wiz, it’s hardly child’s play. The complex wiring system and tiny electrical components may baffle many in the ”and up” category. Still, when the darned thing works, it’s hacker heaven.