The top internet quotes from the week of October 25, 1996

By EW Staff
Updated October 25, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Comedy is a small target. It’s very technical. For instance, in Dumb and Dumber I can’t remember once when Jim [Carrey] and I cracked up during a take — it was all about precision. You know, setup, punchline, timing. At times it’s like programming a VCR.”
Fly Away Home‘s Jeff Daniels on America Online

”I am not used to computers. I am a techno-weenie. Sometimes I put my Etch-A-Sketch on my typewriter just to get that computer feel.”
The First Wives Club‘s Lea DeLaria on AOL’s PlanetOut

”It was a set of raging hormones for a while! I had a crush on Chris Knight, and…on Bob Reed. And on Tiger…. Oh, and I also had a crush on Florence! (Just kidding!)”
Ex-Brady Bunch kid Maureen McCormick on Prodigy

”[My most memorable career moment was] when I spoke at Harvard. They asked me for advice about going into the world. Some good advice is ‘Don’t go.’ It’s tough out there. Go back to your parents. Let them worry about it.”
Rodney Dangerfield on AOL