By Ethan Smith
Updated October 25, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

If your jones for music news just can’t be satisfied by monthly, biweekly, or even, ahem, weekly magazine coverage, Addicted to Noise ( is for you. Taking full advantage of the immediacy of the Web, ATN’s editors piggyback daily music-news updates and in-depth audio interviews (with artists ranging from Patti Smith to Primus) onto the regular monthly edition. The webzine proper has a broad range of features, from columns by such graying rock-crit luminaries as Dave Marsh and Greil Marcus to coverage of the underground Tokyo rock scene to a humorous profile of Tom Petty. Most articles are accompanied by snappy graphics and music samples. Unfortunately, ATN sometimes delivers too much of a good thing: Unfettered by the limitations of the physical page, some writers display a sophomoric windiness that lends fresh meaning to the site’s name. A-