By Daneet Steffens
October 18, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ever wonder what happened to John Kricfalusi, the weird and wacky creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show? Well, he still hangs — and draws — at the cartoon studio where the booger-eating cat and Chihuahua were born. (Ex-Spumco cartoonists still generate the show, but Kricfalusi no longer has a hand in it.) At the studio’s website, you can meet other Spumco characters, including a lingerie-clad babe called Sody Pop and Jimmy the Turtle Food Collector. Spumco’s Wonderful World of Cartoons also offers such rich obscurities as a listing of movie stars caricatured in animation (Lauren Bacall, for example, in the 1946 To Have and Have Not parody Bacall to Arms). And in a revelatory interview, Kricfalusi says that his true inspiration is none other than Elvis (”I thrust my groin all the time too”). It’s not quite happy happy joy joy, but it comes close. B+