By Dave Karger
Updated October 11, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Working on films for ’97:
1. Meg Ryan goes incognito with Addicted to Love costar Matthew Broderick to play jilted lovers spying on their exes.
2. ”I told him, ‘I’m tired of waiting — you’d better put me in another movie,”’ says Mariel Hemingway, who starred in Woody Allen’s Manhattan and also appears in his still-untitled project.
3. James L. Brooks built a love triangle with Broadcast News but hasn’t ”figured out the geometric pattern yet” between Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt, and one canine in Old Friends.
4. Batman and Robin‘s George Clooney looks calm, but the actor nearly caused a code red over at the ER when he showed off his Batsuit. ”It had a codpiece that’s severe,” says ER‘s Laura Innes. No, the costume didn’t sport erect nipples, she says, ”but we all did.”