Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
October 11, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Whirled Series

In the article ”Pilot Errors” (#345, Sept. 20), Tony Jonas, president of Warner Bros. Television, says, ”We did a 360 after [Brooke Shields] hit that home run on Friends.” If they indeed did a 360, then they went right back to where they started. I think he meant a 180.
Greg Feltes
South Barrington, Ill.

I’m tired of all these clones that try to bank on the success of other shows. First there were the Friends copycats. Now it’s The X-Files‘ turn to be run through the Xerox machine. Unfortunately, copies are never quite as sharp as originals.
Gary Flinn

A Real Thriller

I just read ”The King of Pap” (Music) and disagree with almost everything in the article. I attended Michael Jackson’s concert in Prague and enjoyed an entirely different experience than your reporter did. Michael was brilliant! And the audience was wildly enthusiastic. He continues to give his fans the greatest show on earth. The least you could do is print an accurate account of his hard work.
Gail H. Campbell
Niceville, Fla.


Dana Kennedy is on the money in stating that 28-inch-tall Nelson de la Rosa is ”as mercurial as any movie star five times his size.” But according to my calculator, five times 28 inches is 11 feet 7 inches tall. The last movie star I saw that size was in Jurassic Park.
Richard Caron
Framingham, Mass.

Superhero Worship

Can Superman be the next Batman? I guess you forgot Superman has been the subject of two TV series, four TV cartoons, two serials, and five movies that spawned a mania similiar to the current Batman rave. In fact, if it weren’t for the Christopher Reeve films, I doubt Batman would’ve made it to the movies.
James Ford
Ocala, Fla.

The ‘X’ Factor

I’ve known Dark Skies cocreator Bryce Zabel since 1980, and he’s always been steadfast in his belief of two things — that the Beatles are the greatest rock & roll group of all time, and that a show about UFOs and extraterrestrials could be successful on network television. While the success of The X-Files cannot be disputed, to dismiss Dark Skies as being a ”rip-off” of the Fox hit is unfair. Give the man his due, and give his show a chance.
Scott Barer
Los Angeles

He’s With ‘Stupids’

Thank you for Bruce Fretts’ review of my movie The Stupids (#344, Sept. 13), but I’m afraid that he made a mistake when he referred to one of the actresses [Jenny McCarthy] as ”untalented.” Personally, I reserve that title for those who cannot spot obvious talent in others, and Bruce would never be that stupid.
Tom Arnolds
Universal City, Calif.

Corrections: The final, original half-hour episode of I Love Lucy aired in May 1957 (”Bombs Away!”). Also, the three Batman films have grossed $600 million domestically since 1989 (”Plan of Steel”).