By Ethan Smith
Updated October 11, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Maybe the M in MTV stands for Morissette. In addition to a seemingly endless series of videos from Alanis Morissette’s multiplatinum Jagged Little Pill (the current ”Head Over Feet” brings the actual tally to five), the network is now airing two parodies of the Canadian wailer’s ”Ironic.” (Stay tuned; her oeuvre will be sent up again by Wesley Willis in his as-yet-unaired clip, ”Alanis Morissette.”) Morissette declines to comment on the programming, but herewith, a who’s who of mock rock.

”Ironic: Junior Edition”
Synopsis: Lip-synching Alison Rheaume, then 5, of Etobicoke, Ontario, re-created the clip, down to the rocker’s backseat spaz-out.
Director: Alison’s dad, Dave, a Toronto-based TV-commercial director, who used a camcorder twice as old as the video’s star.
The Alanis Connection: Dave’s sister Jocelyn is an assistant production manager on Morissette’s current tour.
Motivation: ”To give my sister a laugh,” says the director.
Best line: None — she’s lip-synching.
Does she really want to be like Morissette? The pint-size Milli (or Vanilli?), now 6, says she wants to be ”just like Alanis.”

Jimmy the Cabdriver
Synopsis: Comedian Donal Logue, 30, plays the bespectacled cabbie in this 60-second MTV promo/spoof of Morissette.
Directors: Buzz Bin darling Jesse Peretz and indie-rock god Clay Tarver.
The Alanis connection: Though he was raised in Ireland, Logue was born in Morissette’s hometown of Ottawa.
Motivation: To cut the Canadian down to size. ”I’m a big fan,” says Logue, ”but earnest rock that purports to be intellectual deserves to get its ass whupped.”
Best line: ”It’s like meeting the girl of your dreams…and finding out she’s only 5.”
Does he really want to be like Morissette? Yes. In fact, Logue reasons that had he stayed in Ottawa, he ”might have ended up exactly like her, a rich rock star at 21.”