October 04, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Must-Read TV

You have no idea how hard it is to find Entertainment Weekly in the U.K., but thankfully I got a hold of the Fall TV Preview issue (#344, Sept. 13). You’ve outdone yourselves. How many of these shows will make it over here, though, is another question.
Neil David Grace
West Wickham, England

Maybe your TV writers should take a cue from your movie writers. While the Fall Movie Preview was respectful, the Fall TV Preview was insulting. Some of us do care what’s in store for Coach‘s Christine and Hayden, are glad this won’t be Wings‘ last season, will miss Tom Selleck on Friends, and think Boston Common is one of the funniest shows going.
Catherine Cobb

Michael J. Fox, we’ve missed you and have waited patiently for your return. But guess what, old friend: 9:30 for you is 8:30 for us. And try as we might, there are people in front of the TV at 8:30 who have never before heard the word erection. Little people. And frankly, we’re not quite ready to explain it.
Barbara Ring McKone
St. Louis

So Jeff Foxworthy won’t be using any more redneck jokes. Excuse me, isn’t this the same guy who made a name for himself at the expense of ”rednecks”? It’ll be interesting to see a comic make a living with little or nothing to say.
Aaron Shawn Hadsock
Fort Myers, Fla.

Thanks for your preview of the top new shows. Spin City, with Barry Bostwick, does look interesting, but you might tell him to button his pants next time he sits for a photo shoot!
P. Gerard
Galveston, Tex.

What do the Emmy nominees, the Republican convention, and the new fall shows have in common? A sea of white faces. I myself, a white female, remember shrugging off the same complaints at Oscar time as hype. But looking over your Fall TV Preview, I’m reminded how far this country still has to travel. Cheers to UPN, which bucks the mainstream with its five new offerings, all of which boast black actors, and to The WB, for centering two new shows around talented black comics. They should serve as a reminder to all networks that viewers come in more than one flavor!
Jeanne Weiland
New York City

Practical Roker

I finally found someone who felt the same way I did watching Up Close & Personal — nauseated. Even as a beginning journalism student I could see all the inconsistencies and holes in the script. Since the majority of this country probably didn’t pick up on that, God bless Al Roker for his video review. Maybe now people will check out Alanna Nash’s book from the library instead of the pathetic movie version from the video store.
Megan Brady
Hempstead, N.Y.

Corrections: Photographer Yousuf Karsh is a Canadian citizen (Books). Anita Baker records for Elektra, not Warner Bros. Records; both are divisions of Warner Music Group (News & Notes).

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