The heroes from the ’60s Saturday-morning show get a ’90s interactive makeover in Jonny Quest: Crisis at Area 51 in which silver-haired Race Bannon looks like the Marlboro Man, Dr. Benton Quest does an uncanny Orson Welles, and Jonny himself seems to be replaced by the Soloflex guy. The team — along with an ever-submissive Hadji, a hyperactive Bandit, and Race’s adopted daughter, Jessie (a spunky, cybersavvy sidekick) — must track down five mysteries interstellar object before the evil Dr. Surd gets a hold of ’em. The puzzles are pedestrian (Pac-Man rip-offs and dopey jigsaws), but I’ll bet dollars to doodads that anybody raised on the high-flying shenanigans of a boy, his swami friend, and his smarter-than-Lassie pooch will get a kick out of this delightful romp. B+