October 04, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT


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Gary Tieche

Class Reunion: Think of it as the Brad Pitt scene that we’ll never see. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. While filming his directorial debut, Dogwater (due in spring ’97), David Schwimmer decided he needed more than a few friends to juice the Miramax comedy about a tense 10-year high school reunion. So, joining Teri Hatcher and Lara Flynn Boyle for the movie’s pivotal reunion dance will be Marisa Tomei, Jon Stewart, Molly Ringwald, and Jerry Springer. The clincher, though, would have been a quick pan of Pitt, playing the class wallflower. He was all set ”to do it, but there were conflicts in his schedule,” says Dogwater producer Richard Gladstein, explaining that delays on The Devil’s Own forced Pitt to miss the prom. Walking and Talking‘s Liev Schreiber got the part instead. Even without Pitt, the revolving cast ”made filming more fun,” says Gladstein. ”It was nice to have people in for the day to change the pace.”
—Casey Davidson and Cindy Pearlman

Faces the Nation: Spend enough time with a politician and you start to act like one. How else to explain Clinton patron and notoriously press-shy Barbra Streisand’s campaign for The Mirror Has Two Faces. The diva will meet the press at the L.A. junket at the end of October. She’s also contemplating a first-ever sit-down on a late-night talk show with Jay or Dave. But alas, her stops do not include a visit to Hello Gorgeous!!, the five-month-old San Francisco-based gallery that’s all about Barbra. Undeterred, curator Ken Joachim is upping the ante with a new exhibit: a shrine honoring Barbra’s Jewish heritage. ”I wouldn’t call it kitsch,” says Joachim of the installation — a bust of Barbra, a la Yentl, surrounded by Star of David chocolates, a dreidel, a Torah, and a passel of mezuzahs — ”it’s a little snippet of culture.” A spokesman for the singer-actress-director maintains that Streisand has no reason to feel guilty about not visiting: ”We have cult followings everywhere.”
—Curt Feldman

Leg Lift: CD covers are often seen as mini works of art, but mini panty hose ads? It just so happens that the cover of Tina Turner’s new CD, Wildest Dreams, is a doppelganger of Turner’s ads for Hanes hosiery. Is this cross-marketing of unprecedented proportions? Sort of. When the album was released in Europe last spring, the cover featured a tight, color head shot of Turner by photographer Peter Lindbergh, who also shot the Hanes campaign. But Virgin insists it wasn’t just the lure of piggybacking onto a multimillion-dollar marketing effort that persuaded them to change the cover. ”We started seeing the images emerge for the Hanes ads and the images we had were not nearly as beautiful,” says label president and CEO Phil Quartararo. ”The fact that [the shot] was going to be such a big spend on Hanes’ part [reportedly $20 million], it only made sense for us to hook in.” Needless to say, the stocking people are happy. Says Kim Bailey, a Hanes marketing manager, ”It works to everybody’s advantage — particularly Hanes’.”

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