Celebrity news for the week of Sept. 27

By Casey Davidson and Anna Holmes
Updated September 27, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fights Reports of Oasis’ demise have turned out to be a mirage. Noel and Liam Gallagher, sibling frontmen of the Brit band, reportedly came to blows Sept. 11, when a gig in Charlotte, N.C., was moved to a smaller venue. Noel, 29, and Liam, 23, were supposedly distressed over the group’s lack of success on this, its ninth U.S. tour. Oasis abruptly canceled its last five Stateside dates, setting off rumors that it was disbanding. However, a spokeswoman from Epic, Oasis’ U.S. label, says: ”They did not split up. They did cancel the tour, and now they’re home in England recovering from jet lag.” The group’s European tour, due to start in Germany Sept. 26, is expected to go ahead as planned.

Lawsuits Former script supervisor Judith Fairly, 42, sued The X-Files creator Chris Carter, 39, and several of the show’s producers, charging sexual harassment and discrimination, Sept. 9, in L.A. The suit states that Carter displayed a ”penchant for sexual dialogue,” gave Fairly unwanted neck massages, offered to impregnate her, and fondled other female employees. Carter denies the accusations. ”I intend to vigorously defend against any such claims and expect to be fully vindicated,” he said in a statement. Fairly, who was transferred within the company after voicing her complaints, is asking for $25,000 in damages from each of the defendants.

Deals Spike Lee has signed with ABC to create a half-hour sitcom. Along with former NBC programming whiz Brandon Tartikoff, Lee will develop and executive-produce LIE, about two Long Island Expressway commuters, one white, one black. The show is planned for fall 1997.

Exits Mark Canton, 47, the chairman of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture group, resigned Sept. 13 after a stormy five-year reign, apparently done in by the poor performance of such high-priced films as Striptease, The Cable Guy, and The Fan. Reportedly, Canton’s job was offered to the Motion Picture group’s vice chairman, Lucy Fisher, who has, for the time being, declined the post. Nobuyuki Idei, chairman of the studio’s parent company, Sony, has yet to name another candidate. Meanwhile, insiders suspect there may be other changes in management in weeks to come. ”He’s lying low,” says a spokesman for Canton. ”He’s talking to people, mulling over his options, and playing golf.”

Splits Turns out she’s not the one. Rocker Tom Petty, 46, has separated from his wife, Jane Petty, after 21 years of marriage. The couple, who have been living apart since January, have two daughters, Adria, 21, and Anna Kim, 14. Papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Sept. 9 cite ”irreconcilable differences.”…

Dear John‘s Jere Burns, 41, split from his wife of 14 years, Melissa Burns. They will share custody of their three children, Gillian, 13, Jake, 11, and Luke, 10….

Singer Vito Farinola, 68, better known as Vic Damone, filed for divorce from his wife, singer and actress Diahann Carroll, 61, in Los Angeles Sept. 11. The couple, married in 1987, have been separated since 1991.