Overheard online the week of Sept. 27

By EW Staff
September 27, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”On The Mask, Jim wasn’t ‘Jim Carrey’ yet. He was the white guy from In Living Color…. With Keanu [Reeves], it was just hundreds of teenage girls screaming ‘Keanu!’ [during the filming of Feeling Minnesota in Minneapolis]. And Vincent D’Onofrio screaming across the street, ‘Give me a K! K! Give me an E! E!’ And they did it! So that was our fun. Torturing poor Keanu.”
— Cameron Diaz on CompuServe’s WOW!

”I guess more people have heard of me [since my Oscar win] and more people might consider me for their parts in movies, but my everyday life at home hasn’t changed at all. I mean, I still have to do chores and stuff.”
Fly Away Home‘s Anna Paquin on America Online

”I’m afraid I’m pretty hopeless with women. I just don’t understand them…. There haven’t been many women in my life. I suppose I’m too defensive with them and appear cool — even cold. I am not a very intimate person. But I do like women a lot. They are strong, beautiful creatures, but I can’t work them out at all.”
— Anthony Hopkins on WOW!

”I made the character Joe as close to me as a human being as possible, so I didn’t have to act much. The original name of the character was Ted, and I couldn’t see myself as a Ted. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Ted.”
NewsRadio‘s Joe Rogan on Prodigy

”Kathie Lee Gifford is a hypocritical, Bible-beating, insincere media whore. She invited me on her show specifically to insult me. I flew on a red-eye from Utah, where I was doing a charity event Christmas week, to appear on her show and she said I was propagating rampant immorality in America. And then the very next week she was kissing Hugh Grant’s ass. So who’s immoral there?”
Big Deal‘s Mark DeCarlo, former host of Studs, on AOL

”Unfortunately, I have yet to meet Robert Redford, but, as I have heard from his partner, Michael Nozik, when he first saw the film [at Sundance] he ‘got giddy every time he saw me on screen,’ which, for the moment, is just as good as having met him.”
She’s the One‘s Mike McGlone on Prodigy

”I am a vegetarian, so I use Spam only as a form of contraception. You can never get pregnant if you sleep on a tin of Spam!”
Monty Python‘s Eric Idle on AOL