Savoy Pictures’ The Adventures of Pinocchio seemed like celluloid suicide — how could it possibly compete with the Disney animated classic? Inevitably, critics trounced the film, but guess what? Not only is the great-looking, four-disc CD-ROM adaptation fun to play, but it shows far more charm and originality than Disney Interactive’s tepid Topsy Turvy Games, which is derived from its Hunchback. In Pinocchio, players embark on a search for the hapless puppet, aided by perky live-action guides Lumina and Candlewick; there are plenty of wide-screen scenes from the movie and a ton of original footage. Hunchback, meanwhile, offers an elaborate opening song-and-dance number, interminable bickering by comic-relief gargoyles, and some mildly amusing games, such as a medieval food fight. Pinocchio: A- Hunchback: B-