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By EW Staff
Updated September 20, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Screen Tests

Nothing replenishes a moviegoer’s thirst (which often goes unquenched during the summer) more than your annual Fall Movie Preview (#341/342, Aug. 23/30).
Shauna M. Antley
Placentia, Calif.

Nora Ephron’s comment about the evolution of Pete Dexter and Jim Quinlan’s screenplay for Michael didn’t exactly fill me with hope for the film. Exactly how did the script tell Ephron that it ”wanted to become a romantic comedy”? I still remember her cowritten script for This Is My Life. It obviously wanted to be a bad movie.
Paul Tatara
New York City

Saying Evita is a ”non-animated musical…about Argentinean politics” is like saying Christmas is a non-Hindu day off.
Sharon Cumberland

John the Divine

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in this 21-year-old coed’s eye, John Malkovich, the dour, articulate, and sensitive ”Wizard of Odd,” outshines those buffed Brads, fluffy-coiffed Friends, and surgical-gowned sex docs who plaster the pages of your magazine.
Crissa Chappell

‘Code’ Blues

I have a bone to pick with your review of Pearl Jam’s No Code. Critics are always complaining that Eddie Vedder should lighten up — and when he does, they have a problem with it!
Jessica Gates
Royal Oak, Mich.

Musical ‘Cheers’

Re your story on the Michael J. Fox/Lea Thompson ”family feud night”: A real family affair of sorts is going on over at CBS with their new series Ink and Pearl. Ted Danson is starring in the former, while his Cheers costar Rhea Perlman stars in the latter with Malcolm McDowell. McDowell is the former husband of Mary Steenburgen, who is now Mrs. Ted Danson and costar of Ink. Maybe we need Dr. Frasier Crane to keep all this straight.
Stan Garelik
New York City

The Joy of Subtext

So, The Odd Couple‘s Felix and Oscar had an underlying ”homoerotic subtext”? It’d be interesting to read Bruce Fretts’ views on the relationships of Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, the Skipper and Gilligan, and Wilbur and Mr. Ed — although the latter would require a different sort of publication.
Kay Poe
Fairmont, W.Va.

Corrections: Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Data is actually an android, and Debbie Reynolds appeared in the 1993 film Heaven and Earth (both Fall Movie Preview); we misspelled the name of The Music Man‘s creator, Meredith Willson (Video).