Basketball bad boy talks about his forray into TV and film

Dennis Rodman gets what he wants, whether it’s an NBA championship, Madonna’s home number, or a fuchsia feather boa. Now the Chicago Bulls’ flamboyant rebound king and newly married bride/groom wants to be a movie and TV star. Over the next few months, Rodman, 35, will appear in a series of Victoria’s Secret TV commercials with supermodel Helena Christiansen; play Jean-Claude Van Damme’s sidekick Yaz in the spy thriller The Colony; guest-star on the Sept. 22 season opener of 3rd Rock From the Sun; and host his own weekly show on MTV, Dennis Rodman World Tour, which debuts in November. We caught up with the crossdressing crossover artist to preview the rest of his game plan.

What made you decide to go Hollywood?

I’ve paid my dues in the dirty work of life and the world of sports. And hey, basketball is a little monotonous now.

What’s your MTV show going to be like?

They gave me full rein to do whatever the hell I want, and I’m going to take people beyond the stuff of reality. I’d like me and Jim Carrey to do a To Wong Foo act. And I’ll try to get a one-on-one interview with Eddie Vedder and have Pearl Jam play on the beach in front of a couple hundred people. I’ll ask Madonna [to come on the show]. They’d die if I got that. An up-close conversation with Dennis and Madonna.

Are you following in Shaq’s footsteps?

No, Shaq did a kids’ movie. That’s not acting. I can do that with my damn eyes closed. I want to take on real roles.

So what kind of movies do you want to make?

I want to do a drama, something that’s going to fulfill my mind. But an action movie’s good for me to start off. Once that’s a big hit, the next one will be something serious. And if these things work out, and if I have other offers, I’m going to say the hell with basketball.

Any thought of recording an album?

I can be very diverse. If it hits me, cool, I can do it. I believe inside my heart that I can do possibly anything in the world. Just get me in it and I can do it.

What else is in the future?

I’d love to do a L’eggs commercial, where I shave my legs on-screen. I want to do feminine things that will make people be like, ‘Oh, s—.’ I truly believe there’s a feminine side to every male in the world, and I just want to bring it out and help people get in contact with their femininity.

Are you going to get Madonna’s baby a present?

Of course.

What will it be?

If it’s a boy, I’ll get him a Dennis Rodman jersey.

But it’s a girl.

I’ll still get her a Dennis Rodman jersey.