By Michael Sauter
Updated September 13, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Since this comic-book-inspired future-shocker was such a box office dud, the unrated video version boasts two more (mostly bare-breasted) minutes of Pamela Anderson Lee’s opening erotic dance, plus another nine minutes tacked on after the end credits. Needless to say, these ”exclusive outtakes” add nothing to Barb Wire, a deadpan campy trashfest (loosely based on 1942’s Casablanca), which gets its real appeal by keeping Lee semi-clothed and in character — as a nightclub manager/bounty hunter with a bad attitude and a black leather wardrobe. Why her battles with futuristic fascists didn’t attract more young male moviegoers is a mystery. The future looks brighter on video, with or without those extraneous outtakes. Both versions: B

Barb Wire

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  • David Hogan