Clinton-Gore is dull, but Dole-Kemp is a kooky delight

By EW Staff
Updated September 13, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

In his acceptance speech at last week’s convention, President Clinton envisioned a 21st century in which every American child would be wired by the age of 12, but it seems the cyber-friendly Democrats could learn a thing or two from the not-so-old-fashioned Republicans. While the official Clinton-Gore website ( makes a solid — if dull — bookmark on your browser, the Dole-Kemp site ( is an interactive, kooky delight, featuring such treats as a do-it-yourself poster maker and heroic photo downloads of Dole’s would-be First Schnauzer, Leader. Both presidential campaign sites offer the requisite political agendas and bios, so it’s ironic that the self-proclaimed ”bridge to the past” has the website that trailblazes into the future. Check out a glimpse of former software magnate Ross Perot’s campaign at the Reform Party’s URL ( before Team Perot takes the Internet plunge this month.