Helen Hunt, Tim Allen, and Mickey Mouse made headlines this week


Stork Club: This season, not only will NBC’s Mad About You get a new night (Tuesdays) and a new guest star (Carol Burnett, as Jamie’s mom), costar Helen Hunt will get a new look: mommy chic. Now that her Jamie is expecting, Hunt will be padding up for the long nine months ahead. ”We’re doing prosthetic stomachs for Helen in stages with a first, second, and third trimester,” says the show’s exec producer, Larry Charles. While Charles adds that Hunt will have plenty of support from her costars (”The whole cast is reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” he says), there is one Mad cast member who may not be taking the baby boom so well: Murray the dog. ”We have a couple of things up our sleeves with [Murray],” says Charles of future dejected-doggie plotlines, ”but it’s too soon to reveal anything.”

Land Ho! Tim Allen may be plopping down $2 million for a 26-acre campground just north of Omena, Mich., but he plans to do absolutely no Home Improvements. ”Tim and his wife, Laura, just really like the area,” says Allen’s publicist Marleah Leslie, denying reports that Allen bought the land at the behest of his mother-in-law, Annette Deibel, who lives nearby. ”They’re not going to live there or anything, just preserve it.” Although the sale created quite a buzz in Omena (pop. 200), locals are relieved that the land — formerly owned by the University of Michigan and used as a camp for children with communicative disorders — will be kept environmentally pristine. ”It’s sad we’re losing the camp,” says University of Michigan spokeswoman Julie Peterson. ”But [we’re] really pleased it’s being kept in its natural state.”

Eeek, A Mouse: Although Disney is known for ferociously protecting the image of Mickey Mouse, the company hasn’t raised an eyebrow over A Time to Kill‘s Ku Klux Klan character, who, as in the book, sports a tattoo of the squeaky one. Here’s why: When asked about Kill, several Disney execs said they weren’t even aware of the tattoo, but noted that it was ”no problem.” Kill director Joel Schumacher thinks he knows how his mouse avoided a roar. ”This Mickey is a bit different,” he says. ”His mouth is turned down. You could say he’s an angry Mickey.” Next up: a serial killer called Pluto.
—Judy Brennan

Clued In: Somebody up there must like Chevy Chase. Not once, but twice, the folks behind Clueless have left a snippet of dialogue about Chase’s flatlined career on the cutting-room floor. It all started with a scene in last year’s movie hit in which Alicia Silverstone’s trendsetting Cher refers to a dashed romance as ”Gone. Completely gone. Like a Chevy Chase film after one weekend.” But before you could say ”as if,” the line was removed. According to Twink Caplan, Clueless‘ associate producer, director Amy Heckerling was asked by Paramount Pictures honcho Sherry Lansing to excise the jab. ”Sherry said: ‘Oh, Amy, he’s a good guy. Please don’t use that,”’ recalls Caplan. The Chase bash was then resurrected in an episode of ABC’s Clueless TV series, but don’t expect to hear it fall from the lips of Rachel Blanchard, who takes over the Cher role. ”It’s not going to be used in the show we’re going to air,” says a spokeswoman for Heckerling, the series’ coexecutive producer. ”It’s not going to be aired at all. So basically, it doesn’t exist.”

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