By EW Staff
Updated September 06, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

”Let’s answer this one once and for all. I’m 38 and I worry about my weight and my changing body metabolism. I do the minimum amount of a workout possible. Twenty minutes on a treadmill walking fast three times a week, 150 sit-ups a day, 100 push-ups a day. That’s it, now get off my back.”
— Jamie Lee Curtis on America Online

”I was really disappointed when I got my lip pierced. I thought there would be more pain, I thought it would bleed, I thought I would taste blood in my mouth, but it was the easiest piercing I ever had. It just looks deadly.”
— Metallica’s Kirk Hammett on WebChat Broadcast System

”My films are all like children. Every one is personal and they have their own life. You tend to love your least successful children the most. So you tell me a film you like the least and I’ll tell you that’s my favorite.”
Kansas City director Robert Altman on AOL

”I’m a Mexican, I’m a Democrat, it’s the law. It runs in the family. My mother, on her bedroom wall, has photos of JFK, the Virgin Mary, and Bill Clinton, and last time I was there, the Virgin looked really uncomfortable.”
— Comedian Jeff Valdez on Prodigy

”My favorite part [of the Republican convention] was during a series of three-minute speeches by Senate candidates. One candidate was speaking…about her goals, her beliefs, her values, her core convictions. Then the TelePrompTer went out and suddenly she had no goals, beliefs, values, or core convictions. She looked from prompter screen to prompter screen with an expression I last saw on the face of a victim in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”
— Paula Poundstone on Mother Jones Online

”Jan [was a better sister]. Because she’s closer in age to me. And Marcia [was] too damn pretty to compete with.”
The Brady Bunch‘s Susan Olsen, a.k.a. Cindy Brady, on AOL

”I think sex appeal has something to do with popularity and longevity of a TV actor’s career, but [it’s] not everything. I certainly have not been a sex symbol on television, and I’m doing just fine! If you have a nice midriff, why not show it?”
Full House‘s Candace Cameron on AOL

”I am horrified of becoming a movie star because that means you play the same role all the time. That would be a bit dull.”
Emma‘s Alan Cumming on Prodigy