Celebrity news for the week of August 23

By Chris Nashawaty and Anna Holmes
August 23, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Engagements Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, 23, and actress Patsy Kensit, 28, will tie the knot in London. It’ll be Gallagher’s first marriage, and the third for Kensit (Angels & Insects); her divorce from Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr should soon be final. No wedding date has been set….

Former Murder One actor Daniel Benzali, 47, and actress Kim Cattrall, 39, announced plans to marry in the spring. It will be Benzali’s second marriage and Cattrall’s third.

Arrested On Aug. 2, Margaret Ray, better known as David Letterman’s creepy No. 1 fan, was arrested for shoplifting and resisting arrest near the Carmel, Ind., home of the late-night host’s mom, Dorothy. Ray, who’s been arrested seven times since stealing Letterman’s Porsche in 1988, said she was unaware that Letterman’s mother lived so near. Speaking of stalkers, actor Scott Bakula got a temporary restraining order Aug. 2 against Tina Marie Ledbetter — the same woman convicted of making terrorist threats against Michael J. Fox in 1989. The court order states that Ledbetter must stay at least 200 yards away from Bakula, his ex-wife, Krista Neumann, and his girlfriend, actress Chelsea Field.

Convicted Def Leppard drummer Richard Allen, 32, pleaded guilty Aug. 6 in L.A. to beating his wife. The one-armed musician was sentenced to 30 days on a graffiti-removal crew, and ordered to film and pay for MTV public-service spots admitting his crime.

Winners Question his virility all you want, but never say that Tom Cruise isn’t a man of action. On Aug. 5, Cruise helped rescue five people from a boat fire off the Italian island of Capri. Cruise, his wife, Nicole Kidman, and their two children were vacationing aboard a yacht in the Tyrrhenian Sea when they aided the fire victims. Cruise made headlines for helping a woman hit by a car in Santa Monica, Calif., last year and — on a separate occasion — for rescuing a young boy who was being crushed by a crowd of onlookers at the July 4 London premiere of Mission: Impossible.

Recovering Singer Mel Torme, 70, suffered a mild stroke Aug. 8 at his Beverly Hills home. Torme’s publicist says the Velvet Fog is in stable condition and recovering at an L.A. hospital. Torme had been at work on an Ella Fitzgerald tribute album.