Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein created the label's new logo

By EW Staff
August 23, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Even the tiny things are done in a big way at DreamWorks. When it came time to create the logo for its fledgling record label, DreamWorks music head Mo Ostin didn’t just settle on any old doodle: He commissioned Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Quite a decision, since the painter’s comic-strip canvases generally fetch millions and are rarely relegated to the corner of anything. The Lichtenstein logo appears with no fanfare on the new DreamWorks release by the eels, an L.A. trio. But Lichtenstein thinks it’s no work of art. ”It was a favor to Mo,” he says. ”It took three minutes.” Lichtenstein wouldn’t say what he was paid, but confirms he now gets free George Michael albums.