Discovery Channel's ''CyberLife'' breaks it down for the Luddites

If the technobabble and smug attitude of some wired TV shows and magazines turn you off, check out the Discovery Channel’s CyberLife (see local cable listings) for a palatable dose of multimedia culture. Any Luddite would appreciate its blend of entertainment and high-tech info cohosted by the smart, hip team of Chris Eddy and Gina Smith, who are neither esoteric nor patronizing. Each eight-minute weekday segment (plus a half-hour weekend wrap-up) offers coverage of new products and websites, celeb interviews (Michael Keaton, for instance, is scheduled for Aug. 12), and handy solutions for your computer woes. Less techie than USA’s CNet Central and more fun than MSNBC’s The Site, CyberLife makes it all seem so easy.