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By EW Staff
Updated August 16, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Big ‘Time’
Your cover article on what it took to get A Time to Kill to the big screen was outstanding (#337, July 26). The tedious selection process for the integral character Jake was almost as fascinating as the prerelease hype of the man who beat out A-list talent to play that role: an unproven Matthew McConaughey.
Adam C. McHugh
Germantown Hills, Ill.

Sandra Bullock got half what Demi Moore’s salary for Striptease was but gave twice the performance. Matthew McConaughey got about 1 percent of Jim Carrey’s Cable Guy salary but was 100 times better than Carrey. As for Samuel L. Jackson, I can’t say enough except that if black actors are shut out of the Oscars next year, there’s no excuse.
Tricia A. Brackett
Mesa, Ariz.

Out of her League
I’ve seen The Rosie O’Donnell Show exactly five times, and each of those times it has seemed obvious to me that at least 90 percent of the comedy bits (throwing things at the camera with the breaking-glass sound, asking little kids, ”Hey, are you married?”) are ripped off from David Letterman. That set looks awfully familiar too. Let’s give credit where credit is due — okay, Rosie?
Michael P. Botelho
Swansea, Mass.

‘Friends’ In Need?
What’s the big deal about the Friends cast wanting $100,000 each per episode? Shaquille O’Neal can sign for $120 million for seven years to play basketball. How many more millions of people watch Friends than the Lakers? And once a Lakers game is over, it’s over. Friends may be in syndication for decades. Am I missing something?
Bea Shue
Phillipsburg, N.J.

Are the cast members of NBC’s Friends really worthy of commanding $100,000 each per episode when the most significant and well-acted episode of the show to date has been Ross’ search for his long-lost monkey? (Incidentally, Marcel was brilliant in his role as the disinterested and disaffected primate.) With friends like these…
April E. Shaw
University City, Mo.

Alien Deduction
There’s a better story in Roswell, N.M., than a UFO crash landing. My family and I discovered the town is populated by aliens. No one in town admits to that ”desert incident.” The waitress at Denny’s faked surprise when I told her there were two UFO museums (calls to which went unanswered), then remembered one of them was ”a shack somewhere.” What directions we could get led us in circles. It’s obvious that aliens managed to repopulate Roswell before the government autopsied the bodies. ”Cashing in on its cosmic notoriety”? Roswellians do not capitalize on their press. We went there in search of sight-seeing and cheesy souvenirs, but alas, there was nothing. But we did see aliens. We believe!
K.M. Lozoya
Framingham, Mass.

Correction: Certain statements about the upcoming movie Mars Attacks! (News & Notes, issue #336) were incorrectly attributed to the film’s screenwriter, Jonathan Gems. We regret the error.