'Jeopardy!' host talks about game shows, clues, and Vanna White

The answer is, ”A good sport.” The question is, ”What was Alex Trebek when we challenged him to answer 10 of our most un-Jeopardy!-worthy queries?” As the host of the second-highest-rated show in syndicated history, the 56-year-old Trebek has acquired vast reserves of knowledge in categories ranging from ”Potpourri” to ”Palindromes.” But can he also play on our lowbrow level? The answer: Yes.

1. If you were a contestant on Supermarket Sweep (where one of the objectives is to spend as much money as possible), what aisle would you start in?

Wines and spirits…. I think they limit you as to the number, so that would probably screw me up. It would show people that I don’t know what the hell they do on Supermarket Sweep.

2. Who’s your favorite Barker’s Beauty from The Price Is Right?

Ooh…Dian Parkinson. She’s not on anymore.

3. Do you actually know all the answers to the Jeopardy! questions or do you have a cheat sheet?

Of course I know all the correct responses….I’m just smart.

4. If you had been a contestant on The Hollywood Squares, which square would you have occupied?

The upper left-hand corner. I like heights.

5. If you couldn’t host Jeopardy!, which game show would you have chosen?

Any show in which as the host, I could sit down…. Hollywood Squares is one; on To Tell the Truth, another show I hosted, I sat down.

6. Whose job is harder, yours or Vanna White’s?

Mine. Not only do I have to know the entire alphabet, I have to be able to make up words and sentences.

7. If Jan, Marcia, and Cindy Brady were contestants on Jeopardy!, whom would you root for?

Let’s go for Jan. She was always a little maligned, wasn’t she? I want to see everybody do well, and I think Jan needs a little encouragement.

8. How come there are hardly ever Video or Audio Daily Double clues anymore?

We haven’t had that many in recent years, but starting this September you’re going to see a lot more of them. We realized they’re popular. Sometimes it’s difficult to clear the music — believe it or not, there are some performers who don’t want to hear eight bars of their tune played on Jeopardy!

9. Which do you like better, College Championship or Teen Tournament Jeopardy!?

Teen Jeopardy! I like working with the younger people.

10. If Vanna White and Singled Out‘s Jenny McCarthy got in a fistfight, who’d win?

Vanna would. She’d beat [Jenny] to death with her vowels.


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