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By EW Staff
Updated August 09, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Cover Charge
Without a doubt, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has had the most attractive covers of any magazine in the business. Until issue #336 (July 19). What was Michel Haddi thinking when he took the cover photograph of Denzel Washington? And were you temporarily blinded when you decided on the color scheme?
Anthony Buzzi
Columbus, Ohio

Kudos to the poor writer who had to piece together a story based on limited input from Denzel Washington! How disappointing to realize that what I thought was depth and conviction behind those smoldering eyes is more like sheer arrogance!
Laura Pringle
Coatesville, Pa.

Picard Sharks
Manhattan moviegoers may have booed the trailer for Star Trek: First Contact (Loser of the Week), but in Colorado Springs, we cheered. May a Vulcan pinch your neck for calling Patrick Stewart a loser!
Rick Broida
Colorado Springs

Tales From the Script
I commend you on your top coverage of the Speed 2 casting situation. It amazes me, however, that with all the speculation as to why Keanu Reeves dropped out of the sequel (to tour with his band, to avoid back-to-back action films), no one has suggested that perhaps he dropped out because the script was terrible. I read an early version of it and can say without hesitation: It was horrible. It is entirely plausible that Reeves was trying to be as diplomatic as possible in ankling the sequel, rather than smearing the project by citing a lackluster script.
Eric Harris
Port Washington, N.Y.

I searched for an appropriate word to describe Chris Willman’s Lollapalooza-versus-H.O.R.D.E. article but my apathetic mind settled on stupid and wouldn’t let go. Who cares if most of the Lollapalooza bands are male? Or rather, why do you feel the need to discuss it? Girls don’t just watch girls. Some girls don’t even like girls. The only possible reason to pit these festivals against each other is to make the article’s title more interesting.
Alison Fair
Eastchester, N.Y.

The Book of Love
Hooray for Alexandra Jacobs and her Jayne Ann Krentz interview! This is not the first time EW has included romance novels. But don’t you think they’ve been given short shrift by your magazine? The bread and butter of popular fiction are books that start out as paperbacks. Yes, those books people pick up in the supermarket — those are the books that truly serve as mass entertainment.
Yvonne Jocks
Euless, Tex.

Roberta Flak
Regarding ”One-Hit Plunderers” (Music): I believe Roberta Flack’s version of ”Killing Me Softly” was also a remake — and it didn’t hurt her career!
Dan Schillinger
Rapid City, S.D.