L. Ron Hubbard's ''Dianetics'' is played out in Travolta's latest film

Pop quiz, Sunday schoolers: Name the spiritual workman who suffered persecution, shared a last supper with loving disciples, and whose followers celebrate his birthday every year. That’s right: It’s George Malley, John Travolta’s character in Phenomenon, a movie that’s a religious experience in other ways, too. Screenwriter Gerald DiPego says George’s miraculous tapping of his mind’s potential shows Zen influences, but with Travolta, a 21-year follower of Scientology, in the role of a regular guy who becomes a genius, the movie also seems to have parallels with Scientology’s own tenets, as a comparison with church founder L. Ron Hubbard’s primer Dianetics suggests.

Phenomenon: ”Things are coming clear to me,” says George after he’s ”struck” by a mysterious light. Within days he deciphers high-speed Morse code and champions chess.
Dianetics, page 125: ”The [clear] mind thinks out solutions…at such speed that the word stream of consciousness would be left at the post.”

Phenomenon: George memorizes textbooks, scanning pages as he goes. He learns Portuguese during a car ride across town.
Dianetics, page 243: ”A Clear…has complete recall of everything which has ever happened to him or anything he has ever studied.”

Phenomenon: George learns his ”powers” may be due to a brain tumor.
Dianetics, page 131: Scientology teaches that 70 percent of diseases begin in the brain.

Phenomenon: George tricks a nurse into thinking he’s swallowed his pills, then escapes the hospital to the countryside.
Dianetics, page 502: ”Dianetics wakes people up; it does not try to drug them or hypnotize them.”

Phenomenon: When George predicts an earthquake, skeptics learn to believe. When neighbors get scared and angry, George remains sanguine: ”I think I’m what everyone can be.”
Dianetics, page 472, on handling a disbeliever: ”The object is not to make him a believer but to place him in a situation where he can evaluate his own data. Don’t argue with him about Dianetics.”

Phenomenon: Former has-been John Travolta receives $8 million payday.
Dianetics, front endpage: ”Dianetics put me into the big time. — John Travolta.”

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