By Megan Harlan
August 02, 1996 at 04:00 AM EDT

Deep may not be a word usually associated with potboiler novelist Danielle Steel, but her official website proves to be, in some ways, just that. With 330 million books sold and a corner on the TV-movie market, Steel’s franchise translates into a well-rounded multimedia experience. Neatly packaged, hyperlinked, and regularly updated, the site comprises a ”Bookshelf” containing synopses, complete first chapters, and covers of her 37 novels; audio samplings from books on tape; a listing of her TV movies; and the ubiquitous trivia contest. Then, marvel at ”A Typical Day in the Life of Danielle Steel,” in which the apparently tireless author breaks down her 7 a.m.-to-3 a.m. schedule. C+